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New black ops trailer

Tue May 18, 2010 10:36 am by Anonymous

The new black ops trailer is out tonight i will post vid later

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What this form is for !

Tue May 18, 2010 3:55 am by TTT ADMIN

This form is for if anything big happens or about who just got elected in you country as prime-minister,president ect,so please do not post stuff saying that you have ranked up that should be in the milestones section !
Thanks Admin

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Single Player: Walkthroughs & Tips

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Single Player: Walkthroughs & Tips

Post by CAZ 1 on Wed May 26, 2010 12:28 pm

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 consists of four skill levels, with Veteran being the most difficult and at this level gamers are awarded the majority of the game's achievements. Gamers select desired difficulty level at the end of the first mission. Once selected, the difficulty level affects mission time limits and how many times they will be struck by enemy fire with each gunshot. The tutorial serves as a gauge of the gamers recommended difficulty level.

The four levels are:


The following text and video walk-through covers each of the game's 19 missions including those performed by the two special forces units: Task Force 141 and the US Army Rangers.

Each new mission is unlocked once the previous one has been successfully completed. This prevents missions from being skipped. The one exception is the No Russian mission. Due to the nature of the mission, gamers will be asked the first time they begin game-play if they would like to skip this mission. Skipping this mission will not impact achievements or game completion.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 takes place five years after the events of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. In this release, Russia is in political turmoil with their leader Vladimir Makarov having set in motion a series of events that threaten global security. After a series of terrorist attacks, Task Force 141 led by Soap MacTavish is deployed to Russia and Kazakhstan to infiltrate a secret mountain military base. The Task Force is then deployed to Rio de janeiro to capture an arms deal linked to the plot, and on to Afghanistan

1.NOTE: The first level functions as a tutorial.
2.Begin the game with as US Army Ranger Pfc. Joseph Allen training the local Afghanistan militia with Sgt. Foley.
3.Allen does a quick weapons demonstration at Sgt Foley's request, picking up an M4A1 to shoot at the targets. Allen then tosses some frag grenades.
4.Once the militia training is finished, Foley directs Allen to meet Cpl Dunn at The Pit, a live-fire training ground that's more suitable for testing your skills..
5.Follow the stairs down to The Pitt entrance.
6.Head north.
7.Locate an equipment shelf near the base perimeter that outlines the edge of the map.
8.Check the illustration for the bridgelayer and watchtower.
9.Dunn demonstrates switching to your sidearm for faster weapons access than reloading.
10.Pick up the Desert Eagle and practice swapping between your primary weapon and sidearm.
11.Dunn then directs you to run the course for General Shepherd to show him you are ready for a special mission.
12.Select your weapon from a SCAR-H Foregrip, MP5K Holographic, ACR Holographic, or M9.
13.Pass the Corporal to enter the training grounds.
14.Run through the grounds and shoot down the hostile targets while avoiding civilian targets.
15.Hostiles must be cleared in each area before continuing.
16.At the halfway mark, kill the target with the knife attack.
17.At the end of the training grounds, you will receive a grade based on speed and number of civilians hit. The game then recommends a single player campaign level difficulty.
18.Once you clear the training, a wide variety of weapons are available at the entrance. Select from the M9 Pistol, AU, Holographic. SCAR-H Foreg rip, Desert Eagle. and MP5K Holographic.
19.Before leaving The Pit, check the corner of the base interior across from the entrance for a laptop on the desk.
20.After selecting your weapon, head back up the stairs to exit.
21.Arrive in the midst of sheer chaos with military trucks ferrying wounded from the front lines. You are called out to help with the incursion in a nearby city for the first actual mission of the game

Team player

1.Continue play as US Army Ranger Pvt. Joseph Allen.
2.Spawn with your allies below the destroyed bridge on the river bank.
3.Crouch and look around to evaluate the situation.
4.Your squad is in the midst of a firefight with enemies on the other side of the river.
5.Take cover from enemy fire by remaining crouched behind the embankment.
6.Hold your position.
7.Drive the millitants from the area to allow the bridge layer to span its gap to cross.
8.Remember not to shoot any civilians and only fire when the order is given.
9.Wait for the technical to roll up on the bridge gap.
10.Take out the squads of militants with a grenade or two.
11.Move out once the area is clear.
12.Proceed up to the bridge.
13.Wait for your Humvee.
14.Hop in back.
15.Watch the airstrike take out the building on the other side of the river.
16.Man the turret as the convoy rolls out.
17.Continue to man your turret.
18.Take out enemies once you get clearance to fire.
19.Pull up at the school.
20.Take fire on the militants on the rooftops with your turret until the convoy heads into the alley.
21.Take out the technicals with the mounted machineguns.
22.Wait for the Humvee to ram the technical in the alley.
23.Be prepared to exit the Humvee when you are blasted by an RPG.
24.Run and take cover in the nearby school building.
25.Clear the second floor of enemies with your flashbang grenades.
26.Make your way to the second floor.
27.Take out any remaining enemies.
28.Follow the target ranger Sgt Foley.
29.Take out the shooters at the window.
30.After Sgt Foley says: "I saw one of them head into the classroom," head into the classroom and pick up the laptop.
31.Exit through the rear entrance of the school once the school is cleared out.
32.Find a laptop outside the rear entrance of the school on the ammo crate next to the cab.
33.Continue to kill enemies you see as you proceed.
34.Regroup with Shepherd and the other rangers to end the mission


1.Begin the level as your character, Task Force 141 member Gary "Roach" Sanderson, on a mountain ledge with "Soap" MacTavish. You are tasked with infiltrating a Russian airbase and recovering a data box from a downed satellite
2.Wait for the fighter jet to fly overhead.
3.Climb the wall of ice with Soap using ice picks.
4.Use the ice picks via the Fire button for your right pick and Iron Sights for your left pick.
5.TIP: Don't release a pick when you're reaching with the other one!
6.Arrive at the top.
7.Jump over the small gap.
8.Soap grabs your hand as you miss and saves your life.
9.Soap pulls you up.
10.Finish climbing the rest of the way up the mountain.
11.Pay attention while Soap explains your new gear.
12.Activate the Heartbeat Sensor on your ACR.
13.Watch the scope. Anyone will appear as small blips on the sensor, making it easy to track enemy soldiers.
14.Stop moving every few yards and scan the area for enemies as you proceed.
15.Follow Soap around the base perimeter.
16.Target the left guard per Soap's instructions and take him out while Soap takes out the right.
17.Repeat with the second patrol unit.
18.Use the Heartbeat Sensor and stealth weapons to sneak into the base.
19.Head over to the guard tower.
20.Make your way up to the catwalk.
21.Get the laptop.
22.Carefully make your way through the buildings to the airfield southeast of your position.
23.Plant C4 on the fuel depot airstrip.
24.Make your way west to the hanger to meet up with Soap.
25.Find the two techs working on the Mig-29.
26.Smash the window of a hangar and pick up the laptop.
27.Enter the hanger.
28.Soap stabs the guard in the neck and directs you up the stairs to obtain the ACS module while he works on the satellite.
29.Pick up the ACS module from the table at the back of an office area.
30.Soap radios about this time, letting you know he has been discovered.
31.Quietly return downstairs in time to hear Major Petrov ordering you to surrender.
32.Detonate the C4 in response.
33.Fight your way out of the base after the explosion.
34.Follow Soap down the hill.
35.Take cover where you can and provide cover fire for Soap.
36.Soap kills another enemy with his ice pick.
37.Escape on the snowmobiles down the steep hill.
38.Drop off and stay to the right until you get to the checkpoint.
39.Continue taking out enemies along the way.
40.Make your way to the fence.
41.Take a left.
42.Locate the small group of trees in front of you.
43.Head to the right side of the grouping to locate the laptop.
44.Follow the waypoint marker and Soap's direction as you make your escape.
45.Jump the gorge to reach the LZ and drive up to the waiting chopper to meet up with Kilo Six-One


1.Play as Task Force 141 member Roach in Rio de Janeiro.
2.You are tasked with capturing Makarov's associate, Rojas, an arms dealer under the protection of the local militia.
3.Start the level in a car with another soldier, following a white van on its way to see Faust, one of Rojas' associates who may know his current location.
4.Stop in front of the hotel.
5.Rojas' associate Faust is approached by gunmen from the van while under surveillance by Task Force 141.
6.Faust shoots the gunmen from the van with his Desert Eagle.
7.Once they are dead, Faust takes one of their rifles and shoots at the Task Force, killing Roach's driver while Roach dives under the dashboard.
8.Soap runs ahead once the firing stops.
9.Follow them into the alley where Soap tells Roach to shoot Faust in the leg before the fade out.
10.When action resumes, Faust is being prepped for interrogation.
11.Soap and Ghost remain behind to interrogate while Roach, Meat and Royce are sent to track down Rojas.
12.Make your way down the alley with Meat and Royce.
13.Exit from the alley at the back of a hotel beside a broken down fence that drops into a rough part of town, the favela.
14.Meat drops ahead of you into the favela.
15.Follow him.
16.Throw enemy grenades back at the hostile militia by approaching the tossed weapons and tapping the grenade button.
17.Do not hesitate when doing this or the grenade will detonate and take you out.
18.If you are not going to toss the grenade back, immediately take cover.
19.Continue to the upper favela.
20.Move from cover to cover to avoid the enemy fire.
21.Do not keep your back exposed or you will be shot from behind.
22.Be careful about using shanties. Enemies may be hiding in them.
23.Red barrels are explosive. Keep an eye on them and make use of them while you can.
24.Continue proceeding to the southwest corner of the lower favela by going west and then south to the alley exit.
25.Hug walls and scan low rooftops for enemies.
26.Take down any targets that you can with the scope or knife.
27.Do not harm any civilians or you fail the mission instantly.
28.Pick up the first laptop from inside the house with the full storage cage.
29.Continue to the alley next to the chain link fence by the soccer field.
30.Watch for the angry dog lunging at the fence.
31.Keep moving.
32.Shoot the dog to get him before he attacks, or press the Sprint button to snap his neck if you are too late.
33.Find the house with the ladder leading to the roof.
34.Climb up to the roof for another laptop.
35.Be ready for the continuing militia assault.
36.Head southwest.
37.Hug the walls along the alleys between the buildings.
38.Go to the brick building behind the blue building.
39.Enter for the third laptop.
40.Use Flashbangs to daze your enemies in the alleys for a few moments.
41.Proceed carefully.
42.Use short controlled bursts of gunfire to take out your enemies.
43.Duck into buildings to escape gunfire if needed.
44.Take care as you pass buildings with doors.
45.Continue down the right southern wall.
46.Find the flaming car in the upper favella.
47.Position the car in front of you with the white objective dot to the left.
48.Enter the building to the right of the car.
49.Descend the narrow staircase.
50.Pick up the laptop.
51.Proceed to the large multi-story building in the final alley to find Rojas.
52.He appears on the second floor of the building.
53.Do not shoot him or the game ends.
54.Soap slams into him from behind and smashes him into the parked car below.
55.The helicopter extraction is late. Rojas is secure, but your team is stuck in the favela and surrounded by enemy militia.


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Re: Single Player: Walkthroughs & Tips

Post by Mr. Custom on Wed May 26, 2010 7:53 pm

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